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We Believe in Giving Back

We Strongly Believe in the Arts

And its Ability to Heal and Enrich Lives

The Art Enrich program works with individuals, professionals, businesses, and Non-profits in all social industries and sectors who are striving to assist in a cause. This particular program supplies art to help fund meaningful projects that are created to bring awareness to a social issue while giving hope and healing to those in our communities who need it most. We collaborate with many artists, companies and organizations who are working to do the same. We also support youth and visiting artist programs that help to enrich the community while enabling artists to reach a wider audience. Come join us in making a difference and let us know where we can help you!

Help for The Homeless

We care about the homeless families in our communities. Because of the looming economic issues brought on by the cutbacks and the defunding of social programs, we feel that it is our responsibility to assist those in our community that need our help. Our WeCarry program distributes boxes of nutritious snacks, food staples, essentials, blankets, games for young children and family emergency kits (include flashlights, first aid, and more).

We partner with organizations in our communities who are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and believe in demonstrating love and care for our fellow men and women.

When customers purchase one of our designated baskets for causes, a portion of the proceeds will contribute to our WeCarry program which allows us to continue our monthly distributions to homeless families.

Baskets for Causes Program

The BFC program exists to advocate for the continued funding for research and patient programs. We are all well acquainted with diseases that have personally touched our lives. Over the years we have strived to assist families that have been severely affected by the onslaught of illnesses that change the course of their lives. Understanding what patients are going through and having knowledge of the existing needs of these families creates an urgency of compassion and empathy.

The BFC program gives a portion of the proceeds from purchases of each basket to a research hospital or organization that provides care and support for patients and/or research. Those suffering from Cancer, diabetes, lupus, autoimmune diseases, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and heart disease benefit from these programs.

It is our ongoing commitment to honor those who are still fighting and those we have known, loved and lost. We hope that you will join us in participating in this program which gives hope to many.

Thank you for your continued support!

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